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Toyota Dealership

Financial Director Of Hanlees Toyota Dealership

peterPeter RayzPeter RayzIt has been an absolute pleasure working with you these last three of years. You have always gone above and beyond for us. I didn’t expect such positive attitude, even though I’ve given you some crazy assignments and even crazier turnaround times. Yet, you’ve been always helpful and never missed a deadline.

Hanlees Toyota is a dealership that focused on providing our customers with the most reliable cars, with cost-effective budgeting, easy financing and daily hot deals. Yet, there are many other car dealerships who offer the same cars. Our challenge was to find new target market audience and, as a result, many more sales. You promised us new customers through your Russian-American Media &Advertising agency. Honestly, we didn’t expect a “miracle”, but we decided to try. After all, your proposal was promising and cost efficient in comparison with our advertising agencies. Thus, we clearly stated our goal – to get each month 10 sales from Russian-Speaking customers. It was a real challenge taking into consideration our poor economy. And we did it!

You recommended placing ad in your newspaper “West-East”. The price was very symbolic. Also, you suggested having 3 minutes daily air program on your radio. Our monthly bill was very affordable and we thought that we have almost nothing to lose. In other words, that wasn’t a burden. You provide us with very creative ads and radio programs. One month later we realized that it is working!

First month we received 30 customers and manage to sell 5 cars. Well, it was real success and we covered all our advertising expenses for next 6 month!
Next month we sold 7 cars and pay for advertising zero! That was real success story. Now, after three years of working with you, we increased our sale by 10%. That is approximately 10 cars per month from Russian-Speaking market! Exactly what were agreed on!
Therefore, I would like to thank Russian-American Media & Advertising Agency for the good job that you have done for Hanlees Toyota dealership. You have been able to increase our sales and you were so positive. We learn a lot from you. Thank you, guys! We look forward to your continual good service and business relationship.”

Peter Rayz, Financial Director

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